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Myths & Facts

Is Homoeopathic medicine act slow?
No, time taken according to the depth of the disease.
Can Homoeopathy treat any thing and every thing?
Like any other systems of medicine, Homoeopathy has its own limitations.
Is Homoeopathy first aggravates the disease and then improves?
It does not happen to all cases and always, if the chosen remedy matches the patient’s need.
Are there any dietic restrictions while taking these medicines?
It is myth regarding restriction in diet like onion, garlic, perfume, pan and tobacco. From these some medicines are prepared , when given to patient such items are restricted, Otherwise the medicine action may be nullified. Asking not to use pan, or cigarette are on the other hand are safe and healthy restrictions.
Is it a fact that Homoeopathic medicines have no side effects?
YES,if given under supervision of qualified Homoeopathic doctor. It is a fact that homoeopathic medicines have no side effects. The homoeopathic remedy is chosen because it matches as closely as possible with the totality of symptoms of the patient.
Can the medicines be taken safely during pregnancy?
The safety of homoeopathic medicines is well known; still it is advised to take the opinion of a qualified Homoeopathic doctor in such situation.
Are homoeopathic medicines safe for children?
Yes, they can be given safely to even to the youngest infant.
Can animals be treated with Homoeopathy?
Homoeopathy is as effective for animals also as it is for humans.
Can homoeopathic medicine be taken with ordinary drugs?
Always follow your doctor’s advice as stopping some medicine may be harmful and taking some other medicines may also be detrimental.
Is Homoeopathy safe?
Homoeopathic medicines are not harmful because they are so greatly diluted. They are safe, non-toxic and non-addictive. They are prepared in laboratories licensed by the Department of Health, to stringent standards of quality.

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